No Name shoes are best paired with the steps of a woman with a personality of her own, independent of passing fashions. Attracted by their unique mixture of street & pop, sport & casual, she shows off her No Names to portray that strong personality of hers every day.

No Names want to be on the feet of a modern, strong, characterful woman, where they can add their own irreverent and arty touch.

The No Name brand does not follow fashion but dictates it, along with the women who wear its designs. A modern, chic object in bold colours, they have also been known to venture into two-tone, varnished, and marbled versions, so the wearer can play with her own assertion of style.

Choosing between different assemblages of leather and canvas, varying vibrancies of colour, between collections of sneakers and wedge sandals, No Name befits a step with a strong identity from a certain French milieu, distinguished by its taste and originality.


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